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08 Jun 2019

Surely He has borne our griefs (sicknesses, weaknesses, and distresses)
and carried our sorrows and pains…

Isaiah 53,4

Until now, most Christians see their healing and salvation as two separate things, and many even believe that Jesus saved them, but that sickness isn't part of Gods plan for them. Now it is time to get rid of those lies though and leave no place for the devil in your body (Gods temple)! 

Jesus bore your griefs (sicknesses) and He even took your pains upon himself, so that YOU don't have to carry them any longer. 

He was wounded for your sake and the chastisement was upon Him, so that you don't have to receive it any longer, but so that you can live in complete peace right NOW!
And peace means no sickness, no pain, no weaknesses and Gods power flowing through your whole body and even out of you instead! 

You should be an imitator of Jesus, but there is a few things in this life that He did in your stead, so that you don't have to do them anymore, and that's how in the same process in that you got saved, you were also completely healed. That is how important your healing was to Him! 

Just like He took your poverty so that you can be RICH now, the same way did He take your pains, so that you can live in divine health now! (2. Corinthians 8,9)
It is not His will for you to be poor, just like it is not His will for you to be sick or unsaved. 

Take out your bible and read through Matthew 8,16-17 and you will see, that Gods will for you is to be completely healed, as much as He wants you saved! 

Your salvation and your healing are not two separate things. Jesus bore your sicknesses, weaknesses, sorrows, pains and your punishment, and in the same moment that you got born again, you were completely healed. Now it is up to you to receive it, just like you did with your salvation! 
The chastisement was upon Him, so that YOU can now live in peace, with no sickness, no fears, no pains and no punishment. 
Receive His gift of divine health that is rightfully yours and praise God for His salvation! (Isaiah 53,4-6 & Matthew 8,16-17 AMP)