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Faith Screams Louder in Tribulation

24 May 2019

And many were rebuking him, that he might keep silent,
but the more abundantly he cried out…

Mark 10,48

Bartimaeus was a blind beggar, but because he was not like most other beggars or blind people, God decided to tell you about him in His word. 

Bartimaeus heard about Jesus, about His glory, His authority, His power,… but he didn't only hear about Him. The difference between Bartimaeus and many others is that he believed it and therefore also LIVED it! (verse 47) 

Faith is mostly seen when people get rebuked and when tribulation comes their way. 

Bartimaeus heard about Jesus, he believed it and called on His name, but his faith was really only visible when the people around him told him to be quiet, but he continued crying out even louder. (verse 48) 
That faith is also the faith that turned out to heal him completely! (verse 52) 

You have also already heard a lot about Jesus authority and were present when testimonies were told, but when will YOU start to call upon His name in YOUR tribulation? 

What do you do when problems, strife, sorrows, grief, depression, fears,… come upon you? Are you influenced by other people or do you resist it and call out in faith even louder? 

That decision will change your life! If you hear about Him, believe it and then still call upon His name in tribulation, then He will hear you and in the same moment you will also hear: “Take courage, rise; He is calling you!” (verse 49) 

Then throw away your old being (your sickness, your sorrows, fears,…), just like Bartimaeus threw away his old identity when he threw out his garment, and receive from Jesus, whatever your heart desires! (verse 50-51) 

If someone or something is trying to rebuke you and hold you back from Jesus influencing every part of your being, you have to decide whether to shush and stay where you are or whether to cry out even louder and finally receive! 
Faith will always cry out louder in tribulation, and even though it might be the hard way to go, it is the only way to overcome and get your need/desire met. 
Have courage and get up, for Jesus is calling you. Throw down your old garment and receive the new that Jesus has for you! (Mark 10,46-52)