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Gods Word - The Filter

23 May 2019

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

1 Thessalonians 5,21

Every day you encounter thousands of different thoughts, news, teachings, words and many other things that influence you, and many think that it's best to just take up all of that, for knowledge is power, and the more I know the more powerful I will be. 

It is true in the sense that there is great power in knowledge, but power is not about the amount of knowledge you have. It is the correct type of knowledge that makes the difference! 

Every day the devil tries to bring bad thoughts, rumors, hurting words, conflicts or bad news in your life to get you down and to fill your heart with it, so that God has no place left, because the devil knows that as long as you keep that negative knowledge in you, you will only live in captivity instead of victory. 

You NEED TO prove everything and only keep the good, for the good (godly, from God) brings you to victory and authority, whereas the bad (devilish) brings defeat. 

No matter if the bad comes from your surroundings or from inside of you, you cannot afford to tolerate it in your heart or your thought life. 

So how do I prove those circumstances? - With the Word of God!

God himself is good and therefore His word is good. And as long as you measure everything against the word of God, you will clearly see what is good and what is bad. 

Therefore never stop to prove YOURSELF and your neighborhood. Throw out the bad and absorb the good, so that it is firm in your heart, for whatever is in your heart, whether good or bad, will eventually manifest in your life!

Every day you encounter thousands of different situations, opinions and other things which you need to observe closely and prove by filtering them through Gods word, before you let them into your heart.
If you don’t use the filter though, you will get all the junk and the bad things in you, and the more of it you have in your heart, the stronger it’s going to manifest in your life. Prove everything going on around and in you, and only allow GOOD (God) to remain, if GOOD (God) is what you want to see in your life!
(1. Thessalonians 5,12-22)