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Be the Chosen

20 May 2019

For many are called, but few are chosen.

Matthew 22,14

Most people probably already heard that many are called but only few are chosen, but did you know that you decide on whether you are chosen or not? 

God called you to come to Him and to enjoy His best, that He prepared for you, but just like the people that were invited to the wedding feast had to decide whether to come or not, the same way do you have to decide on whether you want to be chosen or not.

God prepared the best of the best for you and told you: “Come!” (Revelation 22,17)
Your healing, your peace, your blessed relationship, your joy and everything else is prepared for you, but now it is up to you to take time for God off of your busy schedule and thereby choose to be a chosen!

It is not the people that pray the most, read the bible the most or act religions the most that receive from God. It is the people that TAKE time and put everything else on hold to just show up!

It doesn't matter if it is to the service, bible study group or to your private prayer time. As long as you show up and show commitment/consistency, you will be the chosen that receives Gods best and celebrates with Him. 

Everything is prepared and God called you. The decision is yours. Come and take whatever your heart longs for! 

Many are called and few are chosen, but God is not the one choosing. You have to choose to be one of the chosen! 
God prepared the best of the best for you to come and enjoy it with Him, but as long as you’re too busy with your day to day routine, you will never be the chosen that shows up and receives. 
Put everything else aside and follow Gods call on your life. Choose to be chosen and enjoy all God has prepared for those that are willing to show up!
(Matthew 22,1-14 & Revelation 22,17)