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The True Lion

18 May 2019

Stop weeping! Look, the Lion of the tribe of Judah…

Revelation 5,5

For decades the devil told people that he is a big, strong, roaring lion that just walks around and devours people, but don't YOU believe that lie too!

1. Peter 5,8 says that the devil is LIKE a roaring lion and that you can defeat him, only by resisting him! 

Jesus is the only true lion that actually has power and full authority, and Jesus didn't only destroy all the works of satan (1. John 3,8), but He also completely disarmed him (Colossians 2,15) and crushed his skull (Genesis 3,15)!

The devil is only a defeated “nobody”, straying around with no power and authority and just looking for an opened back door, through which he can sneak in. That is not a roaring and majestic lion!

He even has so little power, that he can do NOTHING to you, as long as you resist him. The only power he has is the one you give him by falling for his same old tricks and lies. And he knows a lot better than you, how much power and authority actually is in you! 

The devil tries to act like a lion and tells lies, and the only reason why he still manages to destroy lives is because people believe him and therefore give him all their power, so that he can destroy them with it. (The people make him into a destructive lion by letting him in.)

Resist those lies and know that Jesus is the only true lion, which delivered the devil under your feet and gave you complete authority over him.
You were chosen to rule in this earth as king and priest. Don't give your authority away to a defeated “nobody”! (Revelations 5,10) 

The devil has been trying to tell people that he is a roaring lion that just walks around devouring people, but that is a lie! 
He would like to be a roaring lion, but the truth is, that Jesus, the lion of Judah, destroyed all his works, disarmed him completely and even crushed his skull! 
The devil is left with no strength and no power, and as long as you don’t give him any of your authority, he can’t even lay a finger on you!
(1. Peter 5,8 & Revelation 5,5)