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The Power of "Amen"

17 May 2019

Truly, I say to you… whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive,
if you have faith.

Matthew 21,21-22

“Truly” is the same word that is translated “amen” at the end of sentences, and that little word holds a lot more power than you could ever imagine!

Amen refers to something that is fixed, the complete truth and something that is certain, reliable and faithful. 
It expresses godly authority; God himself is called the God of the Amen (also translated with God of truth) (Isaiah 65,16) and Jesus is referred to as “amen” in the book of revelation. 

What am I trying to say?

If you put “amen” at the end of a prayer or a confession, you make that spoken word YOUR truth and commit yourself to sticking to and living that truth. 

So by saying “amen” to just any odd prayer, you`re making that spoken lie into your truth and you will receive that truth into your life. So you need to be cautious and examine closely which prayers you want to make your truth and your reality. Are they prayers based on Gods word or just spoken out of ignorance? 

God gave YOU his “amen” to all His promises through Jesus, which means that He obliged himself to give you His promises, if you will only put your “amen” with His and receive it as your steady and unchanging truth! (2. Corinthians 1,20) 

Don't oblige yourself to words that aren't coming from Gods mouth. If you speak your “amen”, then stick with it and no matter what your circumstances are and no matter what comes up, stick with your chosen truth and thereby allow it to gain the upper hand in your life! 

When Jesus said that you can “truly” ask anything of God and receive it, if you only have faith, He meant it! 
“Truly” is the same word that’s translated “amen” and it describes something that is the complete, unchangeable truth, that will stand forever and that you can build your life on! “Amen” has great power and commitment to it and you should learn to use it wisely. 
Don’t commit yourself to some odd prayer that someone prayed out of ignorance. Examine it closely and if it’s the truth, say “amen” and make it your truth too!
(Matthew 21,21-22)