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Love instead of Strife

16 May 2019

He who is not loving the brother doth remain in the death.

1 John 3,14

Not long ago I was out on a walk and passed by a group of young adults that were arguing loudly about something, and when I walked by, all I could hear was something about Jesus and Mary Magdalene. 

Once I passed them though, a question came up in my heart and so I asked God whether He was present in that conversation or not, and all He said was: “No, I couldn't have been in that conversation, because I cannot be around strife!”

That dropped right into my heart and when God led me to James 3,16 later that day and then also showed me 1. John 3 and 4 this morning, I realized how serious (destructive) strife, and how important brotherly love is. 

Where there is envy and strife, there is confusion and every evil work. (James 3,16) 

Wherever I allow strife in my relationship with my partner, my family and my brethren, there will be confusion and division, and the devil will have room in my life to kill, steal and destroy! 
Wherever you don't walk in love and allow strife instead, you choose death and not life! 

God COMMANDED you, not a suggestion, to ALWAYS walk in love, and even though this commandment sounds like bondage to most people, it promises complete freedom!

Even if someone treated you wrong and if you are right, don't allow the devil to get the best of you and refuse to fight, because you can't afford to allow the devil into your life. 

Don't keep God out of your life any longer. REMAIN in love. Where there is God, there is life and life abundant, and even if it sometimes means to let go of your pride, love your brother, and thereby REMAIN in God! (1. John 4,16)

Loving one another might be one of the hardest things to do for you, but whatever the cost might be, ALWAYS walk in perfect love! 
Strife comes right from the devil himself, opens the doors to him widely and locks God outside. 
Therefore let go of your pride and love your brothers at any cost, for God is love and as long as you live in love, you live in God! (1. John 3,14-16 & James 3,16)