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Be Aware and Stable

15 May 2019

There are some things in them (letters) that are hard to understand,
which the ignorant and unstable twist to their own destruction,…

2 Peter 3,16

Incase you didn't know yet, I want to let you in on something. There is a whole lot of things in this world that you don't know yet! 

Many people say that God doesn't exist, they create theories based on their ignorance (lack of knowledge), they say that the word of God doesn't agree with itself, that God makes people sick, that He brings destruction, … 

Many would call this kind of thinking freedom, but it really is just being trapped in your lack of knowledge (ignorance)!

There are sadly way too many people that think this way and the reason for why they don't believe in God and His word yet, is because they are ignorant and unstable, twisting Gods word and adding their own stuff, which doesn't lead them to the true life, but into destruction instead. 

Don't be one of those people! 

You need to settle it for yourself and you need to understand that you don't know it all and that there are a lot of things you just can't understand yet. If you don't understand verses, don't twist them to match your own doctrine, but let Gods spirit lead you instead so that you understand what the truth of the word is. 

Don't elevate yourself above God and don't make Him into a liar, by putting yourself above His word and by thinking that you have understood it all. Let God be true and cast out the liar in you! (Romans 3,4) 

Settle it right here and now and speak those words out loud:
“I believe in my heart that Gods word is the complete truth and nothing but the truth. I cast down all contrary thoughts and trust your word completely, Lord.
I receive your wisdom and let your spirit guide me. Show me where I got stuck and where I am still ignorant and unstable. You are true, you never lie, and I will always totally trust in your word, for your word is my truth!”

There are many scriptures in Gods word that are hard to understand and that might seem to contradict each other at first, but no matter how incompatible they seem, don’t be ignorant and unstable! 
Gods word is ALL true and it all agrees, and if you cannot see it all yet, don’t make God into a liar and blame Him for your lack of insight. 
Settle it once and for all, that Gods word is ALL true and ALL good, for then you won’t run into destruction but instead receive the revelation and insight you need! (2. Peter 3,16-18 & Romans 3,4)