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Live the Impossible

13 May 2019

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.

Proverbs 23,7

We were taught that if we study well, do this and do that, we will make it far in todays society and have great success, so that nothing is impossible to us. That though is only partially true, since mans ability can only bring you up to a certain point, but NEVER beyond it. 

All the learning and your knowledge will NEVER bring you any further than your teachers, and therefore you will never do the impossible and will never get to places where no one has been before, as long as you rely on your human ability! 

To reach your goals in life, you need to have a vision for your future. You need to see yourself at the place where you want to be, because if you can't see yourself there, you will never get there. 
You need to see yourself as what you want to be in your heart, so that you can become it. (So that you can be that now!)

So if you you look to your own abilities, your degrees, your connections, etc., then you will never do the impossible or the unthinkable, because you were never trained to have vision that surpass all that ever existed before. 

But if you look to Jesus in YOU instead, your own ability won't set the limits in your life any longer. Jesus will set the limits and with Christ ALL things are possible! (Philippians 4,13) 

Replace the image that you have of yourself with the image of Christ in you, and you will see that you can do the impossible and that God can get you places where human ability could never get you!

Don't live in the realm of the possible any longer, but live in the realm of the impossible!
You can do all things through Christ in you! 

The way you think about yourself determines your limits! 
As long as you look at your own ability instead of Gods, you won’t be able to see yourself doing those things that no one has ever done before and you won’t be able to go further than any man thought possible. 
You can do all things through Christ, for He provides the power! Let the Christ in you set your limits and start doing the impossible!
(Proverbs 23,7 & Philippians 4,13)