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Are You Ready?

12 May 2019

…God cannot be tempted with evil, and he himself tempteth no man.

James 1,13

Temptation always comes before the sin. Temptation means that you know to do the right thing, but you still want to do something different. (James 4,17) 

If you then follow those lusts, even though you know that they are not the right thing to do, you run straight into sin, and once sin is full-grown, it will bring forth death! (James 1,14-15) 

That is a very serious thing, but if you are smart you will not use it to your own destruction, but for growth! 

God is never the one tempting you, yet 1. Corinthians 10,13 says that He will allow the devil to tempt you, as long as He is 100% sure that you can overcome the temptation. He allows it so that you get trained and grow in faith, so that He can trust you with even greater things!

So if you are tempted by sickness, poverty, lusts or too much money, then it is time to actively practice patience in faith and resist those temptations (not receive them), so that after patience had its perfect work, you will be perfect and entire, lacking nothing! (James 1,4) 

Gods plan for your life is to get you to the point, where you have NO lack at all and where you are still not in sin and death, but to do that, you need to prove to Him that you can deal with all His treasures wisely. 

Just like you wouldn't give a kid 1000 euros if you know he can't handle the 10 you already gave him, the same way God cannot pour more blessings on you, because they would just bring you away from him and destroy you!

So if you are tempted TODAY, then count it joy, because you can overcome and receive the crown of life (abundant), if you don't let go and actively let your patience have its perfect work!

God cannot be tempted of evil and does not tempt you. Yet He will allow temptations that you can overcome to come your way, so that you can put your faith and patience to work, overcome and come out entire, lacking nothing!
Just like you cannot trust a kid with 1000 Euros, if he can’t deal with the 10 you gave him, God cannot bestow more blessings upon you, unless you learned to handle what He gave you wisely. Show God that you are ready for more! Resist temptation! (James 1,2-18 & 1. Corinthians 10,13)