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Look Ahead

11 May 2019

But our way is not that of those who draw back
to eternal misery and are utterly destroyed,
but we are of those who believe and by faith preserve the soul.

Hebrews 10,39

Unbelief and doubt always look back into the past and get stuck in it, which leads to destruction. Faith on the other hand always looks into the future! 

Faith doesn't look back, but looks to what lies ahead of you, to Gods plan for your life, your visions, His promises and also eternal life. 
Unbelief on the other hand gets stuck in the past, in regret, in mistakes, failures, sin,… and the biggest problem about it is,

that the past NEVER sees the future

As long as you are in unbelief and are not orientated towards what's ahead, you will never be able to life the future that God planned for you!
As long as you are stuck in your past mistakes and failures, you will never experience all the victories and the success that God prepared for you. You will never see the future! 

Furthermore, faith doesn't only look into the future and sees all the good that lies ahead, but it also receives it right HERE and NOW, because faith is not limited by space and time. 

You believe in eternal life and all the good that is expecting you in heaven (if you look into the future), but through that faith all the good is not far away from you anymore, but you will get a taste of it now already, here on the earth. 

Don't be like Lots wife that was caught up in her past so much that she couldn't see the future and therefore drew back into destruction! (Genesis 19,26) 

You have a great future in God and no matter how old you are, the best is ALWAYS ahead of you! Don't look back so that you don't get stuck in destruction, but continually look straight ahead, to preserve your soul! 

Don’t be one of the ones that draw back to destruction, but be one of those that believe unto salvation. 
Faith never looks back into the past. It only looks into the bright future that God has planned and it receives that future right here and right NOW! 
When you have faith in eternal salvation, then you will not just be saved sometime in the future, but also from all your circumstances right here and right now, for faith is not bound by space or time! (Hebrews 10,38-39 & Genesis 19,26)