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The Lucky One

10 May 2019

...I have no good (luck) apart from you.

Psalms 16,2

The kind of luck we know nowadays is unstable and unreliable, sometimes you have it and sometimes you don't, but if you observe the word closely, then you´ll find that luck belongs to you, since you were made the righteousness of God! 

Luck is usually translated in the Bible with “good”, but it also means luck and includes good, the best, fortune, beauty, joy, passion, favor, blessing, well-being,… 

Those are all parts of the word and if you are lucky, you will find all those in your life and you will even find all the other aspects of the WHOLE spectrum of goodness. 

Proverbs 13,21 says that the righteous are rewarded with luck and Jeremiah 29,11 says that the thoughts God has towards you are not thoughts of evil (misfortune), but of peace/welfare. 
So luck belongs to you, since you are the righteousness of God and Gods plan for your life doesn't include misfortune, but luck all the way! 

Biblical luck does not run out after a short period but will last forever. It is nothing unstable or unreliable, and just like you ought to expect favor and blessing in every situation, you ought to expect to have luck too! 

Since I realized that, I always had luck everywhere I went, to the point that people around me started telling me that I have so much luck with everything I do. And sometimes the really “wise” ones even told me that I shouldn't get too exited, since luck gonna runs out eventually. But I never listen to those lies, for I know where my luck comes from and that the supply in my life will never dry up, because God has more than enough for all of us! 

Understand this for your life too. Realize that luck is part of your heritage and that it belongs to you, in whatever you do.
Expect it to show up in your life and you won't be the jinx any longer, but you will ALWAYS be the LUCKY ONE! 

To be lucky means to have fortune, prosperity and success. It also means to gain something desirable and to be favored, and YOU ought to be that LUCKY ONE!
The righteous are rewarded with luck, but not the luck that eventually runs out, like the world knows it, but luck that comes straight out of the abundance of heaven.
When you were chosen to become the righteousness of God, you were also chosen to be highly favored. Step out and expect to always be the LUCKY ONE!
(Psalm 16,2 & Proverbs 13,21)