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The Power is In You

09 May 2019

All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.
Go therefore and make disciples of all nations,…

Matthew 28,18-19

Many have been taught from childhood on,  to pray and beg God so that He might be merciful and save them from their tough situations, but by the looks God was still never merciful and therefore nothing ever changed. 

Your begging will never make God merciful, because He is already merciful through Jesus works, and He already gave you all the grace you could ever need, so that you can live victorious in every area of life!

Jesus died for you and came back again with complete authority over heaven and earth. Yet He didn't just keep all that power/authority for himself, but handed it all over to you instead, by sending you into all the world. 

YOU should go preach the gospel to all creatures! YOU should cast out demons in the name of Jesus, YOU should speak in new tongues, YOU should pick up serpents, YOU should be invulnerable and YOU should lay your hands on the sick so they recover!

You cannot do all these things in your own ability, for they are only possible with the power/authority of God, that Jesus gave to you! 

Get a revelation on that great potential within you and dare to release it.
Nothing will be able to stand in your way once you understand that Gods own power works through you! 

You don’t need to pray for Jesus to come down from heaven to help you out in times of trouble or to save you from affliction, for you have what it takes to overcome!
Jesus was given authority over everything in heaven an on the earth once He raised from the dead and He immediately transferred that power unto you, when He sent you out into all the world. 
You have great potential on the inside of you. Dare to release it!
(Matthew 28,18-19 & Mark 16,15-20)