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Little Angels or Mighty Spirits?

08 May 2019

Or thinkest thou that I cannot beseech my Father,
and he shall even now send me more than twelve legions of angels?

Matthew 26,53

Are you still scared of people, demons, accidents or any other thing in this earth? 
Are you still not bold, no matter what comes against you? - If not, then mediate these verses with me! 

Angels are not small sweet things that God created for His and your entertainment. They are strong and mighty ministering Spirits, that are under YOUR command, if you're using the word of God! (Hebrews 1,14) 
You were created far above angels (Hebrews 1,5) and you will even judge them in the future! (1. Corinthians 6,3) 

Furthermore, angels are so exceedingly strong, that they cannot even be compared to human or demonic forces. 
In 2. Kings 19,35 it talks about only ONE angel killing 185 000 men. 
Doesn't that sound more powerful than those small cute angels on paintings?

You are the son of God, and just like the firstborn son of God (Jesus) said that God will send Him more than 12 legions of angels, so will God send you more than 12 legions too!
But even if it's only 12 legions, and each legion has between 2000 to 6000 men, then you would still have more than 50 000 angels at your disposal. 
Considering that one angel can overcome 185 000 men, your 50 000 angels could overcome around 9 BILLION warriors! 

No wonder that you SHOULDN'T be scared any more and that no problem is too great or too insuperable. 
Even if the whole world (around 7 billion people) would be against you, your angels would still be stronger! 

So why do you still have fear? Why do you still worry about your income, your security,…? If not only because you still haven't fully understood what belong to you as child of God! 

Get a revelation of your heritage and start commanding your angels, so that they serve you! Praise God that He made them all available to you!
NOTHING can stand in your way and you will overcome EVERYTHING that comes against you! 

Angels are not cute little things that God sends out for your entertainment, but they are strong, mightful Spirits, under YOUR command! 
Legions of angels are at your disposal and each and every one of them is more powerful than 100thousands of men. 
So stop feeling like a small helpless worm! Become bold and start walking this earth as child of God, more powerful than anything and any man that could come against you! (Matthew 26,53)