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Work for God

07 May 2019

...that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

2 Thessalonians 3,10

As child of God, He gave you a mission for your life and took you out of the system of this world and translated you into His system (his way of doing things). 

You shouldn't labor to earn your livelihood any longer, because that is how the system of this world functions. In Gods system you work FOR Him and because you work for Him, the world won't be your source any longer, for it will be Gods abundance of everything good!

You don't need to labor in the sweat of your brow any longer to sustain yourself and your family, just like the world does. You need to simply change employees and start working for God, because He will pay you better than then world ever could!

To work for God doesn't mean that you now have to give up your job and go on a mission trip to Africa. It means that you make God the source in your life, that you follow His leadings and go wherever He sends you to go. 
It might be that He needs you in the job you have right now, but that He will bless you more right away, give you a raise,… but it might also be that He put something else on your heart already. 

If you work for God though, you will never be unemployed, and even if you change jobs, you still work for Him and not for the system of this world, and so His blessings and abundance will not stop flowing in your life, just because He recruited you to a different post. (He still pays you.) 

To work for God is great, but it also comes with a price. You need to be willing to give some things up (sow them), to work for Him. 

It might be that you have to give up some time that you would usually spend in front of your TV, that you need to give some of your finances or it might cost you self-conquest, so that you can dare to follow Him. But whatever it takes you to follow Him, it is worth it, because if you work for God in that way, He can make all grace abound towards you, so that you will always have all sufficiency in all things (in time, love, finances,…) so that you can even give to others! (2. Corinthians 9,6-8) 

Stop laboring to sustain yourself under the system of this world. Work for God and live by His principles, and your life won't only be richer, but it will also be full of joy, peace and all other blessings! 

It is time for you to stop working for the system of this world and start working for God almighty, for He is the one you won’t regret working for! 
If you work for God and follow His leadings, you will never be jobless, you will never earn too little to feed your family and you will never have to go into retirement. 
God will be your source and He will provide for you. His paycheck doesn’t only include more than you could spend, but it holds love, peace, joy and every other blessing imaginable! (2. Corinthians 9,6-8 & 2. Thessalonians 3,10)