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Be Obedient to God

05 May 2019

...for it is God who works in you,
both to will and to work for his good pleasure.

Philippians 2,13

That verse is often taken out of context and can lead to confusion and wrong teaching, if used that way. 

You often hear it said and many Christians believe that Gods will ALWAYS comes to pass and that you can't change anything about it, no matter what you do. They say, that everything that happens is Gods will and that it all plays together for greater good, which we just can't see yet. But that is a lie. 

God can only act in the world and in your life, if you are obedient and if you choose Him, instead of your own ways. (verse 12)
In Deuteronomy 30,19 He gave you the choice, and if you chose death instead of life, it WAS NOT His will for your life, just like it is not His will that children starve and get killed. 

So whose will and works will God change for His good pleasure then? 
If you read the previous verse (verse 12), you can easily see it. It is those that are always obedient and stay with it, no matter what happens. God can only work in those people and change them, so that they live in the perfect plan for their life and walk  in all the blessings. 

Now if you haven't made the decision yet, then choose to follow God NOW and choose to do everything He tells you in His word and through His Spirit.
Even if you think that you have it pretty good now, then believe me, that Gods plan for your life will be even greater!

Let God change your will and your works according to His good pleasure, so that you won't be the old man anymore, but become more and more like Christ! 

The Spirit of God is the one that works in you, not only to change your will but to also change your works, according to His pleasure. But if you are unwilling to obey, He can do nothing in and through you.
God will not force His ways upon you and His perfect plan for your life is not just going to happen no matter what. He gave you the choice and it is all up to you now. Be wise and choose life by obeying God!
(Philippians 2,12-18 & Deuteronomy 30,19)