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Sin shall not Reign

03 May 2019

…the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe.

Romans 3,22

Religion has taught us that you can only receive from God, if you were nice and didn't sin. That's is a destructive lie though! One doesn't have anything to do with the other! 

You live under a new covenant, a better covenant, and in that covenant it is not about your good deeds any more, that could never make you righteous before God anyways. It is all about Gods unmerited grace, that will make you righteous before Him, ONLY by faith, which takes your actions completely out of the equation. 

You were made righteous through Jesus, through an abundance of grace, so that you can reign in your own life now and so that you don't have to be ruled by sin any longer! (Romans 5,17) 

The devil works hard to keep you in that sin-consciousness, so that you cannot see yourself righteous before God and therefore think that you cannot receive anything. But once you finally understood that you are righteous, NO MATTER what you did before, the devil won't be able to reign in your life any longer and you will finally take over!

If you sinned 2 seconds ago and come before God now, religion will tell you that you cannot receive His blessings and His favor for your day anymore. BUT don't believe that lie. Don't make Gods blessings dependent on your works. Just confess your sin, forget it and receive from God. 

God doesn't remember your sins once you confessed them, and if He doesn't, then you should forget them completely too and step before God, as though nothing had ever happened and receive, because all He has got belongs to you! 

You were not made righteous by your works, but by what Jesus did for you! Get a revelation on that and finally live a life in which sin has no power and in which you reign, no matter what lies in your past! 

Don’t allow sin to reign over your life any longer. Receive the gift of righteousness and reign as king in life, through Jesus Christ! 
It is not your sin-free life that gives you access to God and His favor anymore. You are under a new covenant and now grace (unmerited) grants you access, no matter what you did or didn’t do. 
Your failure today cannot separate you from Gods righteousness. Confess it, forget it and get on with reigning in life as king!
(Romans 3,22-24 & Romans 5,17 (AMP))