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Hear and Understand

02 May 2019

As for what was sown on good soil,
this is the one who hears the word and understands it.

Matthew 13,23

In the parable of the sower, Jesus describes four different kinds of soil, but only one of those managed to bear fruits. Now if you cannot identify yourself as the fourth type of soil yet (verse 23), it is time for change! 

Everyone that had something bad happen to them is looking for someone to pity them, and if you look at it closer, it is all about someone telling you that it is okay where you are right now, that you are good the way you are and that it can happen to everybody. BUT that pity won't get you out of your ditch and won't turn you into the soil that brings forth fruits. 

It is the clear and unaltered word of God, that might be unpleasant at times when it corrects you, but that will save you and bring you fruits if you receive it no matter what! 

Are you the first type of soil that is willing to hear the word, but that never takes time to actually understand it? 
Are you the second type of soil that enjoys the word and is willing, but that forgets it as soon as he leaves and that lets all circumstances and problems scare him? 
Are you the third type of soil that hears the word and is willing, but your current situation seems so terrible, you feel like the whole world is against you, or you love your riches, your lusts,… more than God? 

All those types are without fruit since none of them truly understood the word, because if you understood the truth and power that is in the word, you wouldn't be one of those three soils any longer. You would use the word and bring forth good fruits of healing, peace, joy, prosperity and blessings! 

Take time for God and His word. Take time to not just listen to Him but to especially understand Him. Let His word teach and correct you, and you won't be unfruitful any longer, but bring forth 30, 60 and 100fold! 

It is not enough for you to just hear the word without understanding it. Understanding is more than just knowing what it says. It means to perceive the intended meaning and to be able to make use of it whenever required. 
The word needs to become your one and only truth, and you can only get there through dedication. 
Build your day around God and His word, constantly think about it, meditate it and acknowledge Him in everything you do. That’s how you will be the good soil and bring forth 100, 60 and 30 fold! (Matthew 13,1-23)