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Freedom from Fear

01 May 2019

Therefore my people are gone into captivity,
because they have no knowledge.

Isaiah 5,13

Lack of knowledge is one of the most destructive things, because lack of knowledge ALWAYS produces fear, and without fear, the devil cannot do anything in your life!

If your pet ran away and you don't have the knowledge of where it went, then you will worry and fear will get into you, because you lack knowledge. But if your neighbor then calls you and tells you that your pet is in his front yard, your fear will instantly disappear, because you now have the right knowledge. 

It is the same way with everything else in your life. Whether your kids are not home from school in time, whether your stomach aches, whether you are close to a big exam or whether it's anything else. Lack of knowledge will cause you to fear, and as long as fear is in you the devil can come and hurt your kids, turn your stomach aches into something worse and mess up your exams. 

But if you are wise, you will turn to John 8,31-32 now and understand that you'll be completely free, as long as you stay in the word and receive its wisdom. 
Gods word holds all the knowledge you need to finally become completely fear free, because God is life, and fear is always related to death! 

Therefore find out what God says about your children, your stomach aches and your exams, because that knowledge will drive out all fear and leave the devil behind with no power.

Nothing can stop you but you! Stay in the word and you will know the truth and the truth will make you completely free from all of your own boundaries! 

A lack of the right kind of knowledge will always produce fear, and just like God can’t do anything for you without faith, the devil needs your fear to hurt you! Revelation knowledge drives out every type of fear though and will make you bold, cutting the destroyer completely off of your life. 
Don’t let your lack of knowledge lead you into captivity. Nothing can stop you but you! Get revelation knowledge and reach your destiny! 
(Isaiah 5,11-13 & John 8,31-32)