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The Message of Joy

30 Apr 2019

Fear not, for behold,
I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.

Luke 2,10

Did you loose your joy in being a Christian or have you never even realized, how much joy God has prepared for you?
Did you know that you, as heir of God, have so many good things, that the rest of your life wouldn't be long enough to thank God for and to be happy about? 

Jesus himself is the good news of great joy! Everything He brought and everything about your new being in Him should ONLY bring you joy! 

Abundance of joy is with God! (Psalm 16,11)
You, as righteousness of God, should always be happy, because you always have more than enough! (Psalm 68,3) 
God is a God that multiplies your joy and doesn't ruin your mood! (Isaiah 9,3)
Everlasting joy belongs to you. That is Gods plan for your life! (Isaiah 61,7) 
All of Gods word is given to bring you joy! (Jeremiah 15,16) 

Those are only a few things of the many the bible says about joy. But can you see that you should always be happy? 

“Yeah thats all nice, but how do you expect me to be happy when I have 10.000 Euros debt and the bank wants to take my house away? … when my children are taking drugs? … when my beloved one passed away? …”

As believer, all those things shouldn't change your joy at all, but if anything increase it.

“Hallelujah, God will pay off all my debt, give me the house and even provide me with overflow! … He will save my kids from drugs and lead them into all His truth! … He will reunite me with my loved ones! …
That's why I shout of joy in my crisis and my problems, for my God is greater and I have the victory over everything in Him!”

The whole bible, from the beginning to the end, only gives you reasons for joy and praise, and that's why you don't have any excuses for your “off days” any longer. Step into the abundance of joy that is with God and experience once again that being a believer brings more joy than any other thing could possibly bring! (Psalm 4,7) 

Have you lost your joy in being a believer? Are you still happy and excited about God and His word or is it just another thing that you have to do?
Jesus himself is the “good news of great joy” and if you haven’t realized yet, everything about Him and your new life should make you shout of joy! God is the God who multiplies and increases joy! 
Receive the good news of great joy NOW and choose to live a life of joy instead of to-do’s. (Luke 2,10-11 & Psalm 100)