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Humility and the Fear of the Lord

28 Apr 2019

The reward for humility and fear of the Lord is riches and honor and life.

Proverbs 22,4

Humility and the fear of the Lord are both terms that aren't well understood nowadays, but both have great revelation within them! 

The fear of the Lord is the only fear that you ought to have in life. It doesn't mean that you just sit around day and night though, being scared that God will get you, because that kind of fear would drive you away from God instead of toward Him. 
The true meaning of the fear of the Lord is to have greater respect and reverence for God and His ability, than you have for your problems, circumstances and your own ability. 

If you have that kind of fear, then nothing in life will be able to scare you any longer, because you are totally convinced that God is greater and stronger than your problem and that you are already the victor. 

Humility is also nothing bad for us. It means to expect EVERYTHING from God and to expect NOTHING from yourself. 
1. Peter 5,6-10 shows us the true meaning of humility, which is to cast all cares upon God (not keeping them to yourself), because then He can care for you and give you everything you require. 

That kind of humility combined with true fear of the Lord is very important in your life, because the devil prowls around and is looking for loopholes through which he can enter, wherever you still expect something from yourself and wherever you're still looking more at your problems than you are at God. 

Resist that! Because if you don't give up and exercise your humility and fear of the Lord in faith, you will be restored, made strong, firm and steadfast, after you were tempted for a short period. (1. Peter 5,10) (Suffering refers to the resisting and enduring that you have to do. Not physical suffering.) 

That is the truth about humility and the fear of the Lord and if you get a revelation on them and start practicing them in your life, you will not only overcome all temptation, but you will also receive riches, honor (also translated with bulging abundance of fruitful life) and life. That is the way to the top! 

Humility and the fear of the Lord are the way to the top!
When you get to the point where all your cares are on God, where you expect everything from Him (humility) and where you reverence and respect God more than everything coming against you (fear of the Lord), you will truly be blessed.
Riches, honor and life in abundance will be on your head and nothing will be able to trouble nor scare you! (Proverbs 22,4 & 1. Peter 5,6-10)