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The Beginning of all Success is Wisdom

26 Apr 2019

Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom; ...
Exalt her, and she will promote thee;
She will bring thee to honor, when thou dost embrace her.

Proverbs 4,7-8

In every challenging situation you are facing, wisdom is the one thing that's the principal and the best thing, and it should also be the first thing. 
No matter what you are facing, relationship problems, strife, lack, failure or disease, before you do anything and even before you start confessing scriptures over yourself, you FIRST need to receive wisdom and then make the decision, because wisdom is the principal thing to all success! 

Every tough situation and ever problem that seems so impossible to you has ONLY ONE key issue which is the reason for its existence, and if you find that issue and repair it, the problem will completely disappear. 

To find that issue though, you need the wisdom of God that will show you where you left the door open for the devil to just run in and out to terrorize you, and how to close that door so the devil cannot enter your life any longer.

James 1,5-6 says that you only need to ask God for His wisdom, not in doubt, but believing that you will receive whatever you asked for!

So if the devil tries to destroy you again, no matter in what area, take a step back, ask God for His wisdom in faith and let Him show you where and what to do, to cause the big mountain to disappear in no time! 

Wisdom is always THE principal thing! 
In every tough situation and every problem, there is one key issue, and if you let God reveal that issue to you and finally fix it, the whole situation will straighten out and peace and blessing will flow again. Wisdom will show you that key issue, but without faith you cannot receive it. 
Get out your faith, receive Gods wisdom and finally shut the door, through which the devil has been running in and out of your life! (Proverbs 4,7-9 & James 1,5-6)