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Leave your Umbrella at Home

25 Apr 2019

…and I will send down the showers in their season;
they shall be showers of blessing.

Ezekiel 34,26

Now is the favorable time, now is the time of salvation. Now are the showers of blessing falling from heaven and now are the floodgates of heaven opened! (2. Corinthians 6,2)

Everywhere in the world, no matter where, the floodgates of heaven are opened and blessings are pouring down from heaven. People receive salvation in every area and lives are being restored. Yet some people are still running around with their umbrella of unbelief wide open.

God is not waiting and doesn't have a set time for you, sometime in the future, when He will pour blessings into your life. 
The showers of blessing are here, streams are flowing through the land, but you're still sitting under your umbrella of unbelief. 


Not long ago I went shopping and when I left, I could already hear the thunder, but I thought that I enjoy a bit of rain anyways and if I get just a little wet, it won't be too bad.
So I went shopping and when I came out of the store, rain was pouring down. Not just a few drops though, it was showers!
I didn't want to wait and wanted to get a little wet anyways, so I left and once I made it home, I was wet from top to bottom and from my jacket through to my underwear. Hallelujah!

Just like I left my umbrella at home that day, I want to encourage you to leave your umbrella of unbelief at home!
Even if you just want to get a little wet, God in His favor will not wait and will not only send a few drops, but He will immediately send the showers of blessings. 

God has great things planned for you. Leave your umbrella at home!

Dare to step out from under your umbrella of doubt so that the showers of blessing can soak you from top to bottom! Now is the favorable time, now is the season of the showers of blessing. 
Gods blessings are pouring down everywhere and streams of blessings are flowing, but as long as you stay under your umbrella, not a single drop will hit you. 
Leave the umbrella at home and run out into the rain. Showers of blessing are falling down from heaven. Let them soak everything you got! (Ezekiel 34,25-28)