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Become Jesus-Conscious

22 Apr 2019

So Christ … will appear a second time,
not to deal with sin but to save those who are eagerly waiting for him.

Hebrews 9,28

It is time to lift up your eyes off of that sin and become Jesus-conscious, instead of sin-conscious!

The difference between both is seen in what you look at first or what you think first, as soon as something doesn't work out for you or something bad happens. 

“Yeah, I deserved that. The way I treated my colleague…”, “I sinned so badly yesterday, now the sin just caught up with me…I did deserve it anyways.” - Those are the thoughts of a man that is sin-conscious, bur not Jesus-conscious. 

Jesus went to the cross so that your sin will be removed ONCE AND FOR ALL, no matter if you did it already or not, so that you don't have to experience the death that comes with sin! 

That means, that if you fail again and think that now you deserve something bad to happen to you, you are “blaspheming” and don't believe into what Jesus already did for you. 
When God looks at you, He doesn't see sin anymore, and if He doesn't see it, it is about time for you to start seeing yourself sin-free too!

This doesn't mean that you will never miss it again, but it means that you understood that you are the righteousness of God, not because of your own works but because of Jesus works. (Not because you managed to keep the whole law.) 

Sin shouldn't be underestimated and you should stay away from it, but if you miss it, don't get stuck in your mistakes, but become Jesus-conscious and look to the future. 

God prepared a great salvation for you, for eternity but also right here and now, but as long as you still look back instead of looking ahead, onto Jesus, you won't be able to live in that salvation. Look ahead! 

The question is not: “where did I mess up again so I can repent?”, but it is: “am I eagerly waiting for Jesus?” 
God is not interested in your sin any longer, for Jesus once and for all removed it from your life. All that matters now is whether or not you are focused on God and those things above. 
Leave your past failures in the past and stretch forward to the things which are ahead of you. Don’t waste any time regretting what you did yesterday. Keep moving, for God has a great salvation prepared for you. Start living in it! (Hebrews 9,27-28)