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You, just like Jesus

20 Apr 2019

And you became imitators of us and of the Lord,
for you received the word in much affliction, with the joy of the Holy Spirit,…

1 Thessalonians 1,6

Have you ever thought about living and acting like Paul, like the apostles or like Jesus himself? 
Have you realised yet, that you have the same God inside you that all of them had, that He is no respecter of person and that therefore He will do the same thing with you, if you let Him? 

Jesus himself said that YOU should do the same things that He did and even greater things!
YOU should lay your hands on the sick so they recover. You should have an abundance of wisdom so none can stand against you. You should spread the love of God and start seeing yourself in Jesus shoes, when He did all those miracles!

It is time to get out of the boat of unbelief and instead of being the one needing a healing, you should dare to step out on the water and walk on it, like Jesus did. You should be the one that brings healing, prosperity, joy… the blessing! 

You are not the poor old man anymore, the sick, the failure or the victim. You are the victor in Jesus Name, but as long as you let small things push you around, steal your joy in the word and get mad at God for your troubles, you will never be able to walk as imitator of Jesus!

Let go of everything that is still holding you back and standing in your way. Never loose your joy in the word of God and no matter how strong the wind is blowing, stay strong in the word and especially then, rejoice, for then you won't sink and keep walking on the water, as imitator of Jesus! (Matthew 14,27-31) 

Even you, wherever you are, are supposed to walk as imitators of Jesus himself! 
Afflictions will come your way, especially if you walk with the Lord, but it is always up to you whether you overcome like Jesus did, or whether you fall and fail like you used to. 
Don’t let afflictions steal your joy in the word and always be opened for it, for He promised you the victory. No matter how bad your circumstances are, rejoice, for that makes the difference between an overcomer and a failure! (1. Thessalonians 1,1-10)