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Count the Cost

19 Apr 2019

For which of you, desiring to build a tower,
does not first sit down and count the cost,…

Luke 14,28

Too often do you still make decisions that are not thought through and not planned out, and when you end up fail again, you search the fault with God and doubt His love/power, even though the problem lies NEVER with God, but ALWAYS with you! 

Just like you have to count the costs before you start building your tower, you also need to count the costs in your whole life, so that you never fall and always walk in the blessing. 

Whenever you make quick decisions, without taking time to listen to the Spirit inside you, you will eventually run into a wall somewhere and fail, because you did not count the costs of what you did or of what you said and therefore gave the devil a foothold in your life. 

Another reason for failure is the love to things of this world. Many decisions that will bring you victory include temporary losses, but will secure your tomorrow and give you peace, instead of regret and problems. You need to be willing to renounce your “treasures”, to be able to reach bigger and better things.
Just like you can give some money to then receive 30, 60 and 100fold back, or just like you have to give up some time, for example lusts and other things of this flesh, to follow Jesus and to enter his abundance, the same way it works in all other areas of life. 

Listen to the Spirit inside you and let Him guide you. Take time before God for your decisions and always count the costs, because then when you take the step out, nothing will be able to shake you and nothing will surprise you. That's how you can finally enjoy CONTINUAL blessing! 

Always count the costs, so that nothing can catch you off guard and cause you to fall flat on your face!
To constantly live in victory, without experiencing failure, you need to be well prepared and you need to make decisions, that might not be pleasant now, but that will bring you peace and blessings tomorrow, instead of regret. 
Listen to the Holy Spirit inside you and make wise decisions, so that you and your children will live their days in peace and prosperity! (Lukas 14,28-35)