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The Goal of Your Calling

16 Apr 2019

There is one body and one Spirit
—just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your call.

Ephesians 4,4

You are here for a reason and there is a special goal (a special hope, hope = goal) for your life, into which God himself has called you. 

If you want to see results and want to reach a certain goal in your personal life though, you have to not allow anything to distract you and need to head for that goal, no matter what, because if other goals or circumstances show up, then you won't reach it. 

The exact same way does Gods calling for your life work. No matter if you are 5 years old or 90, the calling is still the same and is waiting on you to make the decision, to finally follow it. 

So I decided to ask God what that goal (hope) of my/your calling is and He said: “The goal is to spread my kingdom and to prepare this world for my return, through unity in all you do!”

That is not only the hope of my calling, but also YOUR calling. Unity means to not let go of your goal and to not have second and third goals in your life. It means to only follow that one single goal, the hope of your calling.  
No matter if you are having coffee with your colleagues or if you are preparing your holidays, never forget your calling! 

Now even though that hope of our calling is the same for you and for me, the way that leads to it may be completely different. 
It might be that God needs you where you are in your job right now, or He might have already put on your heart to go somewhere else. Who is more important? - The preacher that preaches the word, the man that filled his gas tank, the partners that support his ministry or the inventor of the car himself? 
All are equally important and God needs everyone of them in that special place, to reach the one hope of your calling. 

Therefore let God show you the way to the hope of your calling and don't hesitate any longer, for that is the good, pleasant and satisfying path! 

As long as you are undecided and can’t see your goal clearly, you will never be able to reach it and therefore never be able to live in your hope! 
You need to follow the hope (goal) that belongs to your calling and you shouldn't let anything get you off track, because you have the grace to reach it. 
What is the calling on your life? Where does God want to use you, to bring heaven to this earth? Step into your calling and follow it under all circumstances, for your promised land lies within it too! (Ephesians 4,3-7)