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You - The Fountain of Life

15 Apr 2019

The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life, 
but the mouth of the wicked conceals violence.

Proverbs 10,11

You were created to be a fountain of life, and not of any type of life, but of the UNHARMED type of life. 
So that means that a life in which no cures exists should flow out of YOU. 

The kingdom of God should be inside you and then flow out, into your life, into other peoples lives and onto everything you come in contact with. That life though won't just come out of you by itself. You need to release it by letting it come out of your mouth!

It is not that which you do or think that will manifest the true life, but it is that which you say. Of course it is important to act upon your word and it is important to fill your heart with the right things, for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, but in the end it is YOUR mouth that makes the decision. 

So what did you already say over your day today? Blessing or curse? 

Did you get up and say: “Hallelujah! This will be a blessed day and EVERYTHING I do will prosper.”, or did you get up and say: “Oh I have to get up so early again. They don't even need me at work and even if, I just can't be bothered anymore.”

What did you say over your night? 

“I always sleep so bad and keep waking up. I wish I could just sleep through once.”, or did you say: “As soon as I lie down I will fall asleep, for YOU (God) give your beloved sleep!”

It might not seem too important to you or you might think it's foolishness, but wether you believe it or not, that spiritual law functions always and everywhere, and whether you want to be the righteous that speaks blessing only and is a fountain of life for himself and others, or whether you want to be the wicked that brings violence and death with him, is totally up to you. 

You have the potential to be a fountain of LIFE! 
Through that fountain God can appropriate His blessing into this world. That blessing includes restoration in every area of your life, restoration in other peoples lives and overflowing abundance in ALL things!
Quit being a fountain of evil, and start ONLY speaking Gods words. 
BE the fountain of LIFE you were created to be! (Proverbs 10,11)