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Everything To Enjoy

14 Apr 2019

...but (set your hope) on God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy.

1 Timothy 6,17

Too often are we still disappointed from people, don't reach our goals and end up in the ditch again, because the bank wasn't as secure as you thought. But that is not your friends fault, the banking peoples fault or any other ones fault but yours, because you still have your hope set on people instead of God. 

Just like the rich shouldn't set their hope on the uncertainty of riches, so should you not rely on the uncertainty of people and everything else in this system. Only if you completely rely on God and expect everything form Him, then you won't be disappointed by people anymore and you won't live life in a roller-coaster, because HE is the only one and the only thing that's 100% reliable! 

That doesn't mean that you shouldn't have good friends, that you shouldn't trust anyone anymore or that you can't have money in abundance, but it means that you should receive all your friends, all your money and everything else in your life from God, because He gives you everything you need and more, just for you to enjoy. 

Only when your hope is primarily set on God and not on the things that you “have” (they are all subject to change), then you won't have to be disappointed anymore, won't have to crawl in the dirt anymore and won't have to go to 20 doctors to get healed anymore, because your foundation is now on God, and not the unstable things of this world. 

God gives you everything and even if the devil manages to get in and steal something from you, then you won't have to be afraid, because the same God that gave you the stolen thing in the first place, just for you to enjoy, will give it to you again!

No disappointments, no “sometimes it's up, sometimes it's down”, no “incurable” diseases and no lack in any other area. That is the life which is life indeed, the truly good life, where God is your source and where you have abundance in every area, so that God can only give to your enjoyment.
Make the hope of God your foundation and finally take the good life! 

You need to lay up in store for yourself a good foundation for the time to come, so that you can finally lay hold on the life which is life indeed! 
To be ready to lay hold on your good life though, you need to have a good foundation, a foundation that cannot be based on your own achievements, for they are unreliable. 
You need to set your hope upon God, for He is the one that gives you all things richly to enjoy, and when you have a reliable foundation based on what He has done, you can finally enter into the truly good life! (1. Timothy 6,17-19)