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Faith, Confession and Manifestation

13 Apr 2019

For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness;
and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

Romans 10,10

If you still think that you have pray hard enough for God to come down from heaven to manifest in your life, then renew your thinking! (verse 6-7) 
God provided you with everything, so that you don't need Him to solve everything for you. He provided you with the word, so that you can take it into your heart and into your mouth. (verse 8) 

Just like people get born again by believing in their heart and confessing with their mouth, they should also operate the same way afterwards, because the whole kingdom of God, that you live in NOW, functions by that principle. 
If you have a problem, then you don't have to pray God down from heaven so that He can help you. You need to believe with your heart and confess with your mouth instead. That's the way you will get saved, right here and now, in dangers, sufferings, lack, sickness,… and in the eternal. 

You don't always need to be able to believe with your understanding (it doesn't always need to make sense), but you need to believe with your heart, and especially nowadays, the only way to fill your heart is to be consistently in the word. It is near you, open it!

Your heart believes unto righteousness, which means that you understand who you are as child of God and what belongs to you. 
If you believe in your heart, then you are totally convinced that healing is yours, peace is yours, joy is yours and salvation from any other thing is yours. That faith by itself though is not enough to see the salvation (to see healing, joy, peace,…) in your life, because you only believe unto righteousness, but you need to confess unto salvation!

So confess Gods word over your situation, your problems and over yourself today, and you won't be ashamed, for His salvation will manifest and spread out in your life! (verse 11) 

You don’t need to climb up to heaven and get Jesus to come down and solve your problems, for the word that will save you is in your heart and in your mouth! 
It’s not Jesus that has to talk to your mountain and believe for it to be removed, it is you. You need to take action! 
Believe the word of God in your heart and confess it with your mouth, for with the heart you believe unto righteousness, but with your mouth you bring salvation into your life! (Romans 10,6-11)