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A splendorous Olive Tree

12 Apr 2019

But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God. 
I trust in the steadfast love of God forever and ever.

Psalms 52,10

You weren't created to provide for yourself and to earn your sustenance by the sweat of your face (in pain). That belongs to the curse that came with Adam (Genesis 3,17-19) and doesn't belong to you any longer!

Gods plan for your life is to give you the life that man had in paradise, but to do that you need to stop relying on yourself and start trusting in God to supply your every need. 

The man that doesn't make God his refuge and relies on his own ability, his intellect, his doctor titles and his riches, is a fool and destruction, sin and the devil himself follow him everywhere he goes. 
You shouldn't be that man though. You should completely rely on Gods mercy/kindness, because that mercy will turn you into a green olive tree that grows in the house of God. 

To fully rely on God doesn't mean to live in poverty, to experience lack and to lead a boring life. It means the exact opposite. 
A olive tree in the house of the king is fully provided for in every area and only gets the best of the best. He ALWAYS has enough and never experiences lack. He grows big and strong and will surpass all other trees in beauty. He will be loved and he will see many beautiful days until he dies at an old age in peace, and his whole life he will bear good fruits!

That is the good life that God has planned for you and that is the life that you can only access through an everlasting trust in the grace of God.
Stop toiling by the sweat of your face to put some bread on the table. Stop trusting and relying on people and start relying on Gods mercy, and He will bless you so abundantly, that you can even leave a heritage for your children's children! 

Don’t be the fool that relies on the abundance of his riches, but be wise and trust in Gods mercy/kindness for ever and ever! 
Relying on yourself for living the good life is like seeking refuge in your own destruction. But relying on Gods kindness is like living as a fruitful olive tree in the house of a king. 
You will be loved, you will have abundance and be strong and splendorous, your days will be long and your fruits will be sweet! (Psalm 52,7-9)