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Wisdom instead of Fear

11 Apr 2019

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God,…

James 1,5

Wisdom is the ability to master your life and to have complete control over everything you do. 
That wisdom will show you how to treat your partner, how to study, what to shop, what the best solution for the hardest situation is and much more. But to receive that wisdom, you have to ask in faith. (verse 6) 

Fear is a spiritual force that the devil uses to completely kill your faith, because faith cannot exist around fear and wherever faith is, fear cannot be found. 

So if you want to walk in the wisdom of God and finally have more success than you could have ever imagined, it is time to put an end to being afraid of everything. 

You need to ask yourself what the driving force in your life is and what motivates you. Is it fear or Gods wisdom? 
Do you still work overtime because you are afraid of not having enough money, or because God put it on your heart so that HE can give you the overflow? 
Do you still treat your partner good because you are afraid that the relationship might break, or because Gods word says to honor your partner, so that HE can bless your relationship and make it fruitful? 

No matter what you're still afraid of in your day to day life, understand Gods love for you and you will know that He is bigger than all your problems and will save you, if you let Him. Cast out all fear with the love of God (1. John 4,18) and ask God for His wisdom for your life, and He will give it to you!

What is the driving force in your life? 
Are you still driven and motivated by fear or are you living in the wisdom of God?
Fear might get you small results, but it destroys faith and opens the doors wide for the devil to steal, kill and destroy everything you got. 
So it is NEVER okay to fear and you should not tolerate the smallest amount of it!
Ask God for His wisdom instead and it will take you to a level of living that fear can never get you to! (James 1,5-8 & 1. John 4,18)