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Confidence through a clean Conscience

10 Apr 2019 conscience bearing witness with me in the Holy Spirit,…

Romans 9,1

Your confidence (courage, assurance) before God allows you to ask for and to also receive anything you like. But to have that confidence, you need to keep your conscience clean, so that your heart does not condemn you. (1. John 3,21-22) 

So how can I keep my conscience clean? 

First you have to check and see what's still on your conscience. Whether you had strife and your conscience tells you to go and apologize, whether you went shopping and decided to steal something small, or whether you just treated a colleague bad and know that you should go and make it alright again. No matter how big or small that situation is and no matter how hard it might be for you to fix it, follow your conscience and do whatever it tells you to!

So if you then cleaned your conscience, it's important to realize why your conscience gets defiled. 
The reason for it is, that often you just follow your flesh without even listening to what your Spirit has to say and therefore you end up missing it again and your conscience start bothering you. 

This you can only avoid by filling your heart with Gods word and constantly checking what your heart/conscience is telling you, because even though some things might seem logical and good, your Spirit knows better and will lead you around them, if you listen to Him. 

So stop ignoring your conscience and follow the guidance of the holy Spirit instead. 

Even though it might be unpleasant to do what your conscience tells you, do it. Because then you will have the confidence before God and will finally receive whatever you asked for! 

Always keep your conscience clear and don’t allow anything to defile it, because you can only have confidence before God and receive, if your heart does not condemn you!
Your conscience is the voice of the holy Spirit on the inside of you and He writes on your heart, telling you what to do and what not to. 
Decide to follow that voice inside you and no matter how inconvenient it might be for you, follow it anyways, because your confidence before God, will lead you into your promised land! (Romans 9,1 & 1. John 3,21-22)