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Create your Future

09 Apr 2019

Do not be deceived: God is not mocked,
for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

Galatians 6,7

Your future is in your seed, for that which you sow today, is what you will reap tomorrow! 

You should never just sit around and worry about your tomorrow, because you have the seed at your disposal, to create your tomorrow and to form it, just the way you like.
You are responsible for what your future has in store for you!

Everything that happened to you today and everything that will still happen is not an accident. It is simply the harvest of the seeds you already sowed. Therefore it's time that you learn to sow the right and the desirable seed, so that those “accidents” don't happen any longer. 

Both your words and your actions are your seed and you are constantly sowing and reaping. 
That's way it's so important to understand that not only your giving is a seed, but also your confession and your words. 

So what are your actions and what are your confessions?
Do you sow financially, in love, friendship, peace, joy,…? - If you want to reap in that area, you have to sow in it. 
What do you say about your future, about yourself, your children, your exams,…? Whatever you say about them is what's going to happen. 

Therefore judge yourself before you continue sowing in your life, because wherever you sowed, you will also reap, and whether you want to sow sparingly and reap sparingly, or sow abundantly and reap abundantly, is totally up to you!

You should never just wait unknowingly, seeing what the future brings and then act upon that. You should create your own future and be responsible for what’s going to happen in your life! 
Your future is in your seed and what you sow today is what you WILL see in your tomorrow. 
So start sowing what you want to see in your future, in both your words and your actions, for you will have whatever you sowed! (Galatians 6,7-10)