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Use Your Time

08 Apr 2019

Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

Ephesians 5,16

It is important for you to learn to fully use your time, because you will never be able to turn time back and if you won't be wise and learn to use it correctly NOW, then some opportunities will just pass you by and never come back. 

Don't waste your time with debaucheries, alcohol, drugs, cares, grief and other things. Instead be filled with the Spirit, for in Him there is the wisdom to using your time wisely and in Him there is a peace/joy, that nothing else in this world can give you!

So if you will allow the Spirit to come into you and let Him guide you, He will teach you to wisely use your time. Especially when 10.000 things need to be done and you don't know where to start, it is vitally important to be Spirit-lead, because only He knows how to use your time in a way that will keep you ahead. 

It might be that He teaches you when the best time for cleaning is, for shopping, for working out, or other things, so you don't waste time. 
Or He might show you when and where to invest, so you don't accumulate debt as time goes by. 
But no matter in what area, if you FIRST look to God and build your day to day life around Him, then His Spirit will guide you and teach you to wisely use your time, so you never have to fall behind again. 

Once you learn how to use your time correctly, you will finally exit the stressful life and get to a place of rest, where you can not only relax and have a good time, but where you can also get EVERYTHING done that needs to be done. 

Decide TODAY to be Spirit lead and to obey Him in everything He tells you.

Everything starts with God and ends with God, and as long as you decide to start with God, you will see Him at the end and along the whole way! 

Don’t be a fool that wastes his time with carnal things, but be wise and redeem your time, for the days are evil. 
Your time is short and everything cries for your attention, but if you don’t use your time wisely and always delay things until tomorrow, you will fall behind and accumulate debt. 
Become full of the Spirit and let Him guide you into all the truth, so you can use your time wisely and do what needs to be done now! (Ephesians 5,15-20)