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Seek the Good

06 Apr 2019

…seek, and you will find;…

Luke 11,9

You probably already know this verse and if you haven't read it in the bible, then you probably heard it somewhere else before, but have you already seen the truth that's in it? 

To seek something also means to expect it by looking everywhere for it, and if you look like that for something, then you will find it. 

Now that verse not only refers to the positive things though, but also to the negative. And since most of the world thinks only negative thoughts and looks for it, they also find it in abundance. 

Often people will worry about sickness and constantly search for symptoms, and when it eventually comes, they only say: “Well see, I told you I'd get it.”... without realising, that they only got it, because they kept searching for it. Because whatever you search for, is what you will also find!

So where in your life do you still expect the bad to happen and stopped seeking Gods promises?

Do you still say things like: “Everyone has to get sick once in a while.”; “My grandma had breast cancer, my mom had breast cancer so I will have breast cancer.”; “None can always do everything right.”; “Who can actually live a strife-free relationship.”; or “The crisis is going to be really bad this year.”

With those kinds of confessions you seek/expect the sickness, the breast cancer, the defeat, the strife and the poverty, and even though you might not have seen it that way, you will find it. 

So stop expecting bad things in your life and look to Gods promises. 
Expect His promises in all areas and enforce your expectations by speaking the right words, because if you act and life that way, you will surely find His blessings in your life! 

Whatever you seek/expect in your life, is what you will eventually find! 
If you constantly expect bad things to happen, then that’s exactly what will happen. But if you make an effort to ONLY expect good things and don’t even let the bad come out of your mouth, then you will see the good only. 
So get rid of all your negative expectations and start living on Gods promises, because they will only show up if you expect them to! (Luke 11,9-10)