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Throw out the Unbelief

04 Apr 2019

And he could do no mighty work there (in his hometown)...

Mark 6,5

When Jesus returned to His hometown to preach there (Mark 6,1-6), He could do no mighty work and because they knew Jesus from when He was a child and could therefore not believe that Jesus is the son of God and can do mighty works in their lives, their unbelief was great and Jesus even marveled at it. 

That means that as long as YOU don't make the decision to always build on Gods word instead of your knowledge and logic, He can do no mighty works in your life either and only marvels at your unbelief, because after all He has already done, you have no good reason to doubt. So don't be one of those people! 

To be able to relate that passage to your own life better, you need to ask yourself, in what area of your life you feel at “home”. 
Maybe you work in a bank and know finances so well that you feel “at home” in that area and therefore still have problems believing God for your wealth.
Or maybe you are a doctor and know medicine so well that you feel “at home” in that area and therefore have problems believing that God can completely restore and heal you. 

But no matter in what area you feel “at home”, you MUST NOT rely on your own understanding and experience and YOU MUST cast out all thoughts and knowledge that contradicts Gods word, for only then can you believe God despite your understanding and experience His mighty works, even in your “hometown”!

Don't rely on your experience any longer and don't lean on your understanding. Believe Gods word no matter what the world says and God won't find unbelief when He comes to visit you right HERE and right NOW! 

If you don’t choose to believe Gods word, despite all your experiences and your knowledge, then God can do no mighty work in your life. 
What area do you know so much about that you feel “at home” and therefore can’t seem to get results in? Healing, prosperity, joy, peace, success...? 
Don’t be a fool that relies on his knowledge. Simply believe Gods word and He will do mighty works, even in your “hometown”! (Mark 6,1-6)