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Live by Faith

01 Apr 2019

But my righteous one shall live by faith.

Hebrews 10,38

YOU are the righteousness of God. You are His righteous one who ought to live by faith!

But what does it mean to live by faith?

Living by faith means to not be drawn back into destruction, but pushing forward to win life! (verse 39) 
Faith is the spiritual force that God reacts to and that gives Him full access into every area in which you released your faith. It will cause Him to act on your behalf and turn your situations into blessings. 

Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the proof of things that you cannot see yet. (Hebrews 11,1)
So faith brings things from the invisible (spiritual) to the visible (material) realm and as soon as you released your faith in a particular area, you right away received the proof that you already received what you believed for! (verse 3)

So if for example you released your faith for peace in your family, then that means that in the same moment you already received that peace and no matter if you can see it yet or not, you have to believe and act as if the peace was already there, because only then will it be able to manifest in no time. 
Whether it's for this area, your finances, your healing or anything else, the principle of faith works always the same!

So if you choose to lead that kind of life and base EVERYTHING you do on faith, then nothing will be able to shake you anymore and nothing will be able to stand in your way, because Gods power can freely function in your life and bless all areas of your life completely. 

Don't let doubt and fear draw you back into destruction any longer. Push forward in faith and win LIFE, in every area!

Faith is the assurance of receiving those things which you hope for and the force that brings them from the invisible (spiritual) into the natural! 
You as believer should lead a life of faith. From when you get up to when you lie down again, everything you do should be by faith, nothing wavering or uncertain.
Your faith is what will cause Gods power to move on your behalf and your faith is what will move the spiritual and natural world, to let you receive the best of the best! (Hebrews 10,38-39 & 11,1-3)