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Live in Life, not in Death

31 Mar 2019

...and of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou dost not eat of it,
for in the day of thine eating of it-- dying thou dost die.

Genesis 2,17

In most translations, this verse is only translated with: “you shall surely die”, but in the original the word “die” is used twice, meaning that “dying thou dost die” is the most accurate translation. 

After Adam and Eve ate of the fruit, that curse came on the earth and therefore everywhere, so that even in your own body you can see that everything is dying, in the process of dying. 

So what do I mean by that?

The bible clearly says that we all have to eventually die if Jesus tarries, but that process of dying doesn't only refer to the actual death, but to every area of your life. 
The verse describes the process of dying which means that you have to experience death your whole life and in every area, until it eventually kills you. 

That process refers to breaking relationships, disruption in the family, sicknesses and everything else belonging to the curse/death. 
That's why many people say: “Well if I never get sick, how am I going to die then?” - Dying of sickness and disease perfectly reflects the meaning of “dying you should die.”

That manifestation of death in every area of your life belongs to the curse, but thank God that Jesus redeemed YOU from the curse! (Galatians 3,13)

Jesus changed it to “living thou should die!”
All the curse was removed off of your life and it doesn't belong to you anymore. You don't need to allow relationships to break in your life anymore, you don't need to put up with sickness and you don't need to suffer anything else that belongs to the curse any longer.
You should live a life in abundance so that you can just slide out of your body (die) and continue LIVING with God. 

Death doesn't belong into your body or your circumstances anymore. Cast out those devilish lies and finally live “LIVING”! 

“Dying you shall die.” That is the curse that has been operating in the world and in you since the connection to God was cut. 
The whole world is slowly dying and everyone is experiencing death, whether in your body, your family, your relationships or any other area, but it was never supposed to be that way. 
Jesus redeemed you from the curse so you won’t have to live and die in death. Receive your deliverance and “die living”! (Galatians 3,13 & Genesis 2,8-17)