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Unity is Power

30 Mar 2019

And if a house be divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.

Mark 3,25

The devil uses division wherever he can, to make you weak and then steal from you, kill you and destroy you. 
No matter if it's in your family, in your relationship, in your church (body of Christ) or especially in yourself, you always need try your best and under all circumstances keep unity, because only in unity can you live in complete dominion. 

God himself is a three-in-One God. He is God, the holy Spirit and Jesus, but separated from each other they are powerless. Jesus himself said that He can't do anything by himself. 
That means that only in unity lies the power and God has full authority over everything and nothing is impossible to Him, because he is 3-in-One. 

--> In unity lies true power!

Looking at yourself, you are a Spirit and posses a body (the flesh) and a soul (feelings, emotions,…). Your Spirit was born again and is perfect, but it is up to you to now align your body and your soul with your Spirit, making them one, because as long as your Spirit looks to the godly and your flesh and soul look to the worldly, your body will be divided and you will be powerless. 
When it comes to relationships, then keeping unity means to stop focusing only on yourself, to change priorities and be willing to give some things up. Because as long as you still allow strife and other things that bring division to be in your relationship, you won't be able to live as One and will therefore have no power as partners. 

That's why you might have to give up some desires of your flesh to become One Spirit, soul and body, or you might have to sometimes accept the choices of your partner, to keep unity in partnership. 

So whatever it takes to keep that unity, especially in your family, your relationship, your church and in yourself, don't hesitate and do it, because only if you live in unity, you will have authority. And if you then want to take the next step and bring yourself, your relationship, your family or your church in unity with Gods Spirit, then nothing will be able to steal His abundance out of all those areas of your life!

You need to align your soul and your body with your Spirit, for a house that is divided against itself will not be able to stand!
Division is one of satans best strategies of making us weak and easy prey. Whether it’s in your family, your relationship or in yourself, fight and always make sure to keep division out, for in unity lies true power! (Mark 3,22-27)