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Listen to your Spirit

28 Mar 2019

...for the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour
what you ought to say.

Luke 12,11-12

Your words have the power to decide over life and death, and that not only for where you spend eternity, but also for every situation your facing in your day to day life. 
Even when you talk to your neighbor, to your children, to your partner or to your boss, your words decide over life and death. 

If your words bring hope, peace, rest, joy, success,… then they are words of life, and if they bring fear, worries, anger, failure,… then they are death. 

It happens way too often, that we speak the wrong words without think about it and we end up hurting our brethren, getting them worried, demotivating them and bring them death. That's not the way it should be though!

How good would it be, if in EVERY situation, you would know exactly what to say. Even if it was trick questions or people asking you with an ulterior motive. Wouldn't it be nice to still have the right words? 
How much could you achieve, if you had the right words for every situations? 
A better job? A new house? A peaceful family? A happy relationship? … 

“Yeah yeah, that all sounds really nice, but who can actually always have the perfect words for every situation?” - Jesus!

Jesus always had the perfect words in every situation and you can see that especially in John 8,1-11, where the Pharisees brought the woman that committed adultery and asked Him what to do with her. 
Jesus didn't just quickly say whatever crossed His mind. He took time, stooped down and listened to the holy Spirit that told Him exactly the words to say.
He could have said 10.000 different things, but the Spirit knew exactly that only those words He ended up speaking can PERFECTLY solve that situation. 

The best thing about all this is that if Jesus could do it, YOU can do it. You have the same holy Spirit on the inside of you and He will teach you the right words, if you only take time to listen to Him and don't just shoot around with your words quickly. 

Your words can turn EVERY situation for your best and can turn the worst areas of your life into blessing, if you only take time, listen to the Spirit of God and ONLY say what He tells you to say! 

Your words are powerful tools, controlling life and death! 
We speak without thinking far too often, saying the wrong things and hurting people or making situations a lot worse than they were before, but as Spirit-lead people, this ought not be so. 
In every situation should you stoop back down and listen to what the Spirit is teaching you to say. Only if you do it like Jesus, you will never again have to say the wrong things and regret it later! (Luke 12,11-12 & John 8,1-11)