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Blessing in the House

22 Mar 2019

And the ark of God remained with the household of Obed- edom
in his house three months.
And the Lord blessed the household of Obed- edom and all that he had.

1 Chronicles 13,14

It is not enough to just let God into your heart and keep Him there. You should let God into all areas of your life, because only then will He be able to bless your house and EVERYTHING you have. 

That decision, to let God into your house, is not a one-time decision that you make once and is for always valid. To let God into your house means to renew your thinking and your acting, so that you expect God to work always and everywhere, and it means that in every situation you will look to His ability instead of your problem. 

Letting Him into your house means to know that He completely healed you when He died for you, instead of looking at your symptoms and giving up hope. 
It means to know that He will satisfy all your needs, according to His riches in glory, instead of looking at your mountains of debt. … 

So if you let God enter into your house by your quality decision, He will bring His blessing on to you and to everything that belongs to you. 
He will release His all-mighty and all-restoring power (blessing), that can fix everything that has been broken, into your life! 

That blessing will heal all wounds, will fix broken relationships, will remove mountains of debt and will also bring restoration power to all other areas of your life!

When you let God become part of your household and start considering His ability more than your problem, He will bless your household and all that you have! 
Gods blessing has the ability to restore and make whole everything that was broken, and there is nothing too broken, nothing too sick and nothing too hard for the blessing of God to fix. 
Let God become part of your household and watch everything around you being restored and made prosperous! (1. Chronicles 13,14 & Proverbs 3,5-6)