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Blessing without Cares

21 Mar 2019

Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; 
he will never permit the righteous to be moved.

Psalms 55,22

You, as righteous one, should not tolerate any cares in your life and as soon as they come up, you should cast them out, because in the wrong hands (your hands) they are very dangerous!

Cares/worries are of the devil and were created to destroy you. Nowadays many even think that it's ignorant to not care or have worries and many think that it is good to worry about your children, your parents, your pets, your school, etc., but do not believe that lie.
Cares/worries that you allow in your life and that you take time to deal with, will destroy you! 

Just picture it this way. Your cares/worries are a big ball that weighs you down and burdens you, and it's so heavy, that it will eventually crush you if you don't give it away.
What you have to do now, if you don't want to be crushed by that ball, is throw it on to God, because He is all-mighty and He can turn that ball into blessings. 
But only one person can have that ball (your cares/worries), either it's you or God. You cannot rip a part off, give it to Him and carry the rest by yourself. Everything or nothing!

So if you still drag those cares around with you today, no matter if they are “big” or “small”, don't keep them any longer, because you cannot do anything about them. Only God can take your cares and turn them into blessings. 
That means that as long as you worry about your children, God cannot protect them completely anymore, because you still have that care and haven't thrown it onto Him, so that He could turn it into blessing. 

Cast everything on to Him now, and if it comes up again, cast it on to Him again! God doesn't want you to stumble and fall under the burden of cares. Let Him sustain you and live a care-free, blessed life!

Your burdens, your anxieties and your cares will slow you down and eventually kill you, if you do not cast them on to your Lord! 
You were not created to care, to be worried, or to be burdened by anything, and thats why your body cannot stand any form of it. 
Cast ALL your burdens on to God, for only one can have them and only He can solve all your problems and sustain you! (Psalm 55,22)