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Resist up to the Overflow

18 Mar 2019

And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete,
lacking in nothing.

James 1,4

Biblical patience is the ability to stand strong and don't give up in tough situations and attacks. 
It is often understood incorrectly and many think that they have to be patient in their sickness, in poverty, in defeat, … but if  you still think like that thought, I got good news for you, because it means nothing like that at all! 

To be able to be patient, you need to know what belongs to you as child of God. You need to know that healing, wealth, success and many other things are promised to you in His word. And only if you know that, you can be patient in every tough situation by standing firmly on Gods word and by holding it as your truth. 

The devil might come against you with sickness, but you have to be patient/steadfast by not accepting it and saying: “I am healed and sickness has no business being in my life!”
To be patient/steadfast means to know that you are “the healed” and when the devil comes, you can resist him and not take his sickness. 
To be patient/steadfast means to know that you are “the successful” and if it looks like everything is going to go down the drain, you can resist and don't accept defeat. 

That kind of patience/steadfastness/resisting will get you out of your ditch every time and place you into Gods glory! 

Rest in peace, because no matter whats in your way right now, God has a way out!
His way out is straight and at the end you will be perfect and complete, lacking in NOTHING!
Be patient/steadfast and stand strong on Gods word. Never let your circumstances change your confession. Choose Gods way and live in victory! (James 1,4)