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Glorify God in You

17 Mar 2019

He delivers and rescues; 
he works signs and wonders in heaven and on earth, 
he who has saved Daniel from the power of the lions.

Daniel 6,27

Too many people still think that they can glorify God through their captivity and they think that they suffer for Him. Now if you are still one of them though, renew your mind today!

No matter if it's sickness, depressions, lack, fears, worries or other things that keep you captive, understand that they are not from God and that He doesn't want you to suffer from them, because they don't glorify Him. 

When Daniel was thrown into the lions den and everyone thought that He was going to die for sure, no matter if he's chosen of God or not, God wasn't glorified. 
Once God sent an angel to shut the lions mouth and David came out without a scratch though, He was glorified. 

--> God is never glorified through your captivity/suffering, but He gets glorified by freeing you from all bondage! 

You should live a life that glorifies God in every aspect of it and you can only do that by letting go of everything that's still keeping you tied up and let God save you!

When people look at you they should see God himself, because the only God that many people might ever see is the God in you!

God is never sick, He is not poor, old with wrinkles,… and therefore He wants to and will make you more and more like Him, if you are willing to live for His glory.
And if God gets glorified through you, you will always instantly be glorified along with Him! 

There is a way for God to be glorified through your captivity/suffering, but it is always your deliverance that glorifies Him, never your captivity/suffering! 
You cannot glorify God with your sickness, your lack, your unhappiness or your depressions, but as soon as God delivers you out of them, He is glorified. 
Don’t stop and remain in your oppression any longer. Let God free you and be glorified through your deliverance! (Daniel 6,16-28)