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Victory through Praise

15 Mar 2019

Whoever offers the sacrifice of thanksgiving glorifies me,
And prepares his way so that I will show God's salvation to him.

Psalms 50,23

If you are at the end of your human abilities again and don't know where to go, then it is time for you to turn away from all circumstances and everything natural and praise God!

Worship/thanksgiving is not only something nice for your soul and shouldn't only be used if something good happened to you. It should be a firm part of your daily routine and you should use it as spiritual weapon, especially when you feel like there is no reason to praise God at all. 
Thanksgiving glorifies God and turns all your attention to Him, He who is all-MIGHTY and all-KNOWING. 

That's exactly what you need if you are at the end of your human ability. By turning to God, through thanksgiving, you will see a path opening for you that straightway leads out of your defeat, into Gods salvation. 

If you understand that, you won't have to sit helpless in your ditch any longer and worry, because before worry and fear comes, you will pull out your spiritual weapon, praise and thank God and march on a straight way right back into Gods salvation!

Never be disappointed or angry with God, for He is the only one that can help you out of your ditch! 
Any time a day you need to have a reason to thank God for something, because thanksgiving glorifies Him and makes a way where there is no way. 
Once His salvation through thanksgiving manifested, you will have even more reason to thank Him and if you continue, you will soon lead a life in which nothing is impossible! (Psalm 50,23)