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Revelation of Love

13 Mar 2019

When Jesus therefore saw his mother,
and the disciple standing by whom he loved,
he saith unto his mother, Woman, behold thy son.

John 19,26

The Gospel of John is known as the only gospel that talks about the disciple whom Jesus loved, and that disciple was John.

So I always used to think that it would be awesome to be that disciple and to have such a special place, that I am not one of the many beloved, but THE beloved, until I realised that John was the one that wrote the gospel and that therefore he called himself the disciple whom Jesus loved!

Of course that doesn’t make the word wrong, but it shows that John had the revelation of the true love of God towards him and that he saw through the works and words of Jesus, that he himself is the one whom Jesus loves. 
Now that doesn’t mean that Jesus loved him more than he loves you and me, but it means that John received that love and that through the revelation of love, he had the most intimate relationship with Jesus, out of all the disciples. 

John was the one resting on Jesus chest, where he could even hear the very heartbeat of Jesus. He was the only disciple standing by the cross. He was the one that Jesus entrusted with His mother and he was also the one that recognised Jesus at the shore, after He was raised from the dead. 

What am I saying with all that? - When YOU come to know the love of God towards you and understand that Jesus died for YOU personally, so that YOU personally can live with Him, then everything else will turn into blessing automatically, for now you finally come to know Jesus.

God will be able to show you things, that no one else has seen. He will be able to do things through you, that no one else has done and He will be able to bring you to perfection, which can only come through the revelation of His love!

Have that revelation and then dare to call yourself THE ONE, whom Jesus loved!
You are the man, whom Jesus loves!

There are many things you can learn about Jesus and that you can experience with Him, but nothing strengthens your relationship with Him more and nothing brings YOU closer to HIM, than your revelation of His love towards YOU!
Come to know the breadth and length and height and depth of His love and overflow in it. Understand that YOU are the man that Jesus loves, and you will finally see who this Jesus truly is! (John 19,25-27 & Ephesians 3,14-21)