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Learn to Rest

12 Mar 2019

Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
...and learn of me.

Matthew 11,28-29

Heavy burdens (loads) that people think they have to carry make them tired and weak, wear them out and make them incapable of living in full abundance!

Whether it’s being burdened with grief, cares, worries, anxieties, or other things, God is not the one that loads people up with burdens. He is the one that gives rest and a comfortable, gracious and pleasant yoke.

If you continuously carry your heavy burdens, you will never find rest and then when the time comes for you to be alert and sober minded, to resist the devil, to receive your promise, or to follow God somewhere, you will be too tired and weak. - Therefore cast down everything that burdens you and learn of Jesus!

Out of all the professors and other people that do studies about right sleeping and resting, Jesus knew best how to do it correctly!

He could always stay awake when it was necessary, where others kept falling asleep, just like in the garden Gethsemane, but He also knew how to rest and sleep, where others were panicking and scared, like when He sleeps in the boat while the storm is raging. (Mark 14,32-42 & Matthew 8,23-27) 

So what I want to say with this is following. Jesus knew best how to rest and He had the best sleep-awake-rhythm that anyone could have. Yet, just like you, He was also “just” a man and that’s why He can teach you exactly how to rest, so you can see results like He did!

The first step is always to come before God and cast your burdens on Him though, because then He can and will teach you and give you rest!

To carry heavy loads (burdens), which make you tired and weak, isn’t part of being a Christian. You need to learn of Jesus to cast your burdens down and to rest, when it is time to rest!
Learn to rest in God, effortless and burden-free, so that you can be awake and full of power when God calls you to follow! (Matthew 11,28-30 & Psalm 127,2)