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Don't be Persuaded

11 Mar 2019

By long forbearing is a ruler persuaded,
And a soft tongue breaketh the bone.

Proverbs 25,15

Words have a lot more power to destroy, and they have a lot more power to restore and turn things into the blessing, than you have thought. 
Of course it's intense arguments and strong words that are reasons for separation, pain, discouragement, etc., yet it's the small negative things that are being whispered into your ears continuously, that have the biggest negative effect on you! 

It is long forbearing and therefore consistency that persuades you of something, and it is the soft, a little twisted and ambiguous words, that will eventually break your bones, if you let them in. 

If for example a father gets mad at his child and tells him that he hates him all of a sudden, even though he usually always loves the child and treats it well, then those strong words will hurt the child, but since the child knows that his father usually treats him well and loves him, that one incidence won't influence the child that much.
Now if the father never bursts into rage though, yet talks down to the child in everything he says, never talks well about it and never builds the child up, then those little "soft" words will get into the child and leave a looser-mentality behind, which unconsciously destroys the whole life of the child. 

No matter how good you might be and despite all of Gods love towards you and your successes in Him, if you allow someone to continually whisper into your ear that you won't make it, that you are a useless nobody, etc., then you will eventually become persuaded of it and thereby break. 
Therefore be SELECTIVE when it comes to the things you listen to, that are spoken in your surrounding and which you thereby allow to come into you. 

It is never discouraging words that get you to your goal. It's encouragement!
And even if you find that nowhere else, but in Gods word, then just spend even more time in His word!

You always have to be very selective when it comes to the things that you listen to and allow to come into you, because it's usually small things that you are bombarded with consistently, that will eventually cause you to fall.
Don't allow that to happen to you any longer and make sure that those things which you take in from everything that is spoken about you, is ONLY the good, which God also said about you. And most of all, BE the one that ONLY speaks good and encouraging things about others!
(Proverbs 25,15 & Proverbs 12,18 & Proverbs 16,24)