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Stay in True Love

10 Mar 2019

As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love.

John 15,9

If you read chapter 15 from the beginning, you will see a great comparison between the love and the provision of God in the parable of the grapevine. 

Jesus calls Himself the true grapevine and His father the vine dresser. But what is His job in this whole thing? 
He doesn't sleep somewhere in the shade under a grapevine, but He is always working. 

Just like He provided for His own son, He will also provide for you, because now you are also part of the grapevine, because you are one of many branches. 
By His Spirit working in you, He cleans your thoughts, sorts your feelings, gives you wisdom, protects you from wrong decisions, keeps poverty and sickness away from you and makes sure, that your life bears the good fruits. 

What does He expect from you? Only that one thing - that you stay on the grapevine. Only then will your life have a true meaning and only then will it bring good fruits.
Without the healing and delivering fellowship with Jesus, you can do nothing. (John 15,5) 

Why do you not trust Him completely? Why do you still look for other ways? Why are you trying to be your own GOD, even though the almighty gardener wants to supply you with everything you need? That kind of living is exactly the opposite to living in His love. 

Only if you let Jesus fill you with the nectar of life, if you stay on the grapevine and cling to His word, then His love will fill you and by that it will also flow onto those people around you. 

Your Jesus loves you just as much as His father loves Him. 
Let that love of God flow through you and onto your neighbors. Only when you fill yourself with His love, it will come to an overflow and bare good fruits, so that all can profit from it and you can live as perfect example of the grace of God. 
When your neighbors then see the favor of God on your life, they will start worshiping your God too. Then His name will be in everyones mouth and Gods plan of heaven on earth will find it's perfect conclusion. 
Open your heart and receive the love of your father, that flows over onto you through Jesus. Receive it and grow in it for your own joy! (John 15,9)